It’s Summer again!

Well, It’s Summer again in all its sun tanned glory!That great time of year for getting out and do the things that we couldn’t do in the springtime ‘cuz it was still too wet and sloppy.
All that being said, I’m sorry to have to throw a slosh of cold water on this sunny parade but,

It’s fire season again…

That ugly monster that Mother Nature always drops on us at about the mid-point in the year. I am convinced that she thinks that we are simply having too much fun and we need a reality check!

So, for this session, I’m going to comment on the items that are dominating the local news.
To wit, all of the poor souls who got caught short when the flames came roaring through all up and down our beautiful state of California. A great number of these folks simply had had no choice but to get out as quickly as they could, in many cases with only the clothes on their backs and the contents of their pockets. Some of them didn’t make it…
We can only offer them our sympathy and complete support.

This brings me to my main subject here today, that of preparedness…

As I have recounted in the paragraphs above, sometimes It makes no difference how prepared we might be, but most frequently it does.
Every family unit needs to have a plan, especially if there are small children and animals involved. I am not going to go into too much detail here due to the fact that those subjects are best dealt with in depth in a report that I am offering separately.
Click here to get the full text of my family wild fire preparedness report and newsletter.
Generally speaking, though, it all boils down to these areas:1)Escape!
Each Family must have an escape plan and a place to meet later.
People have died when they went back to the house looking for family members who, it was later determined, were at the Red Cross shelter.
That would never happen if everyone knows what to do ahead of time.
One further note: Nothing, repeat, NOTHING is worth a human life. So never go back to the house to get an item…

2)  Preparedness:
It really pays off  in the long run, to have such a bag. Ideally, it would be right beside the front door where it can be grabbed by the first person out. To be practical, a duplicate might be in the car or under the desk at work. It all depends upon each family situation.
The bag would contain essential papers, photo albums, Computer backup CD’s and USB Flash Drives,
Any other really important items to include Medications, prescription lists and personal Items.

3) Place of Assembly
This can be any mutual agreed upon place out of the danger zone.